Google Colab

Frank Hui

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In this quick workshop we'll get set up with a very simple Google Colab coding environment.

You need a Google account to complete this workshop.

To set up the Google Colab environment, click the button below to get started. You must be signed in to your Google account.

Google Colab

Once you've opened up Google Colab, go to File -> New Python 3 Notebook

You've created a Python 3 Notebook file.

Now in the box with the play button on the left, type:

                  print("Hello, World")

After waiting for a few seconds, the output should be

                  Hello, World

If this is your first time programming, congratulations! You've written your first line of code. You can delete this line of code if you want, since your lesson will probably not need it.

That's it! Click the button below to go back to your lesson.

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