GameMaker Setup

Andy Zhao

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In this workshop, we will be learning how to create a new project in Gamemaker. Since the release of Gamemaker Studio 2, Gamemaker is no longer free for download. To obtain a login so you can work on your projects at home, please see Andy at the next club meeting.

Creating a Project

Open Gamemaker:Studio 1.4 on your computer. On the school computers, Gamemaker is located in this directory:


Desktop 💻
↳ Desk Tools
↳ Locally Installed Apps
↳ Lab 315
↳ Gamemaker Studio

If you are working at home, open the application where you installed it.
You should be greeted by this screen.

There are several tabs at the top. Go to the New tab

Rename this to whatever you want and hit Create

Congratulations! You've made your project! It's looking sort of empty right now though... click the link below to go back and fix that!

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